THE RHODUS PHILOSOPHY: Rhodus Watches offers stunning vintage diver watches that are updated to modern criteria. We manufacture watches, by stirring vintage style & modern design, which is loved by many individuals, those who are fascinated by the ancient spirits.

All the valuable features are blend into a virtue package. You will get the best watches at a promising price. We acknowledge that without our great watches and passionate watch lovers, our company will not exist, that’s why we always provide the best of us.

THE RHODUS STORY: Rhodus Watches originates from a place called home. A place to relax after a tricky day at the shores, where shipping supplies from sunny coasts to support the home running. Home was called “Groot Rhodus” for the founder of Rhodus Watches.

“Groot Rhodus” was established by the famous Dutch entrepreneur Hendrik ter Meulen during the 18th Century. He inaugurated a lead white factory on the property. In order to run the factory, he had to bring the white lead of Rhodus from the Greek island. And, for this purpose, he had to sail across the Aegean Sea from Athens to Rhodus having to face all the difficulties of traveling the vast seas of Mediterranean. Hendrik named his house after the island that brought him honest, hard earned success. Rhodus Watches resonates these values and beliefs.

Our brand is motivated by those whisks. And, we term the spirit everlasting. It is founded on a profound faith throughout endless human imagination, constant development, and sustained success. As well as constantly expanding the limits and keeping the long-term view. Our watches are designed to serve. This is our commitment for centuries to arrive, just like the “Groot Rhodus” home. Godspeed!

The "Groot Rhodus" country home in Bodegraven, NL
Collosus of Rhodes, 1760
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