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Effective as of 25 May 2018

1. General Information Regarding These Terms of Use

Greetings & thank you for visiting our site. Our Terms & Conditions will be just between you and us. And, please read our Terms & Conditions properly since they include details about your rights and legal obligations. In fact, these conditions & prohibition might also be also applied to you.

Rhodus Watches focused on marketing, trade & purchasing of the brand name luxury watches through owned shops and stores. And, through visiting or accessing our website, it indicates that you have read all the Terms & Conditions of our website. Indeed, you have also understood, accepted, and decided to go for our Terms & Conditions. Besides, this contract refers to the products that our Brands currently sell and even the items that our brand may start selling in the upcoming time. And, existing Terms & Conditions are applicable to the current products. But, Our Brand has the legal ability to change any section of our Terms & Conditions, without any further notice. 

Moreover, by accessing these pages, you agree to be guided by all the latest changes and will also need to review this page frequently to evaluate the Terms and Conditions of which you are committed at the moment. And, it’s your duty to check out our website on a regular basis, to specify whether there are any updates or changes to our Terms & Conditions. Furthermore, if you choose to abide by our new Terms & Condition, you can continue with that. But, if you do not feel to follow these changes in the Terms & Conditions, then you can stop accessing our website.

Additional Terms: Along with the Master Terms, your usage to any other services may also be bound to other particular terms, which is relevant to other certain services. And, if there is any disagreement among the Additional Terms & the Master Terms, then the Additional Services will be applied with respect to the related service of the company.

Human-Readable Summary: Such terms establish a relationship for both you and Rhodus Watches along with some specific laws for specific websites. This agreement covers the usage of you for all Rhodus Watches that manages websites until a specific website is explicitly stated. Such human-readable descriptions of each clause are not a part of the agreement but meant to assist you in clarifying the terms and conditions.

2. Your Agreement to the Terms

By accessing our website, and tapping the “I Accept’ button or by using any of our services or facilities. This may also include the licenses, chooser, and also the public domain applications, it confirms that you have read, grasp, and also accepted to be bound by all our given Terms & Conditions. 

By clicking the “I Accept” button, even accessing or utilizing any services. You confirm that you have the ability to approve all the Terms in respect of yourself or any association that you support in accordance with the usage of any services.

But, if you do not consent with any of our Terms, then you will not be permitted to have the facility to use our services.

 Besides, if you are a person, who is accessing our Terms on account of an entity, then you will have to represent and assure that you have the authority to attach that entity. Thus, you have to undertake to be governed by these agreements in place of that entity. Also, with the Terms that refer to your entity. And to all the other users in the name of that entity.

Human-Readable Summary: If you require any legal advice, consult your personal attorney, to have that.All the given Terms may change within time. If the notice is essential, then we will post a notice on our website. And, if you still continue to our sites after making these changes, then it will confirm that you are agreed with our Terms.

3. Changes to the Terms

Within the change of time, Our Rhodus Watch Brand may also update, withdraw, or can attach any new Terms. And, it has permission to do so that it stays in its discretion. 

In that case, we’ll publish the changed Terms and will also determine the updating date. And, if our brand considers the updates are necessary, we will ensure applicable attempts to post a noteworthy notice on the related website. 

Besides, we will also send an alert to all with an active CC Login Service profile through email. And, each update or revised Term will be valid instantly, as well as, it will apply from that time when you will start using our service. But, it will not include the material updates; it will be applicable after 30 days of changes and will be defined as material.

In addition, your continuity to the usage of these services after proffering new or updated Terms, it indicates that you have accepted all our Terms.

Human-Readable Summary: Kindly, at first, read our Terms thoroughly, and yet, if you agreed with our Terms, then use this website.

4. No Legal Advice

Our Rhodus Watch Brand does not offer any legal advice since it is not related to any law firm, for sending an email to us or utilizing any of our services. Which may also consist of the license, public domain resources, or chooser; these will not establish any attorney-client association..

Human-Readable Summary: If you require any legal advice, consult your personal attorney, to have that.

5. Content Available through the Services

You may have already understood that our website contains documents, records,  information albums, applications, photos, typefaces, language, illustrations, sounds, videos, and other resources, which is combinedly known as ‘contents.’ And, this content is the asset of our Rhodus watch Brand and also other entities that abide by the copyright laws. 

And, all our materials are protected as a mutual initiative under copyright rules, and we possess copyright in choosing, managing, assembling, and improving our content.

Besides, you will not be able to change, erase, delete, enhance, post, transfer, or be involved in any supplying or sale, or to build any copyright tasks. Along with that, you will not also be enabled to misuse the total content or any part of it.

Moreover, you have to agree that you will not post, re-create, or will not publish any of the parts of the content that is secured by the copyright law.

Human-Readable Summary: We’re doing our best level to provide valuable material on our websites, but we can’t promise that everything is correct or relevant to your condition. Website material is authorized by CC BY 4.0 unless it is specified that it is accessible under various terms. And, if you discover material on our websites via a link, be assured to check out the conditions of the authorization before utilizing it.

6. Prohibited Conduct

To have our services, you have to have to accept that; you will not conduct any of these following restricted activities. They are:

  • Violating Laws & Rights.
  • Solicitation
  • Trying to Harm Others.
  • Disruption:
  • Impersonation or unauthorized access:

Human-readable summary: Be Your Own. Be Nice to Others & Don’t Break the Laws or Don’t be Unpleasant.


Rhodus Watch Brand proffers the Outstanding Shopping Journey by offering  Premium Products to its clients.

As a luxury watch provider, our dream is to see buyers have an excellent offer on the products they want from brands they love. We are a mystery that is better maintained online for unique designer watches. It only tends to highlight: the best items aren’t often the costliest. They’re all in secret.

However, to assure you that you will receive the perfect offers on Rhodus watches which will proffer the utmost level Authorized under the applicable law. And will provide you with the best products that will go for decades.

But, Still, Rhodus Watches offers no warranties or promises about the usage of the products on this web in respect to their durability, authenticity, adequacy, quality, timeliness, precision, or something else. 

Copyright Complaints

Rhodus Watches offers lavish premium watches. You’re never going to have to think about putting an order, and then question whether you’re receiving a copy or falsified object. We offer the right material, and we are promising it.

Rhodus Watches Brand supports copyright, and we forbid service providers from downloading, publishing, uploading, or even sharing any Material on the Sites that violate the intellectual rights of any other entity.

To identify illegally violating content posted on a website. That is, owned or managed by CC; we submit a list of Unauthorized Content as pointed out in the Notice in CC’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) Notice & Takedown Process.

Please note that Rhodus Watches will not manage the content that is generated or accessible by CC Query. And, you can contact the website or the domain hosting firm to delete it.

Human-readable summary: Please do let us know if you can identify infringing content on our websites.

Miscellaneous Terms

Such Terms and Conditions shall extend to you after your entry to the web and/or upon completion of the enrolment or shopping phase. And, these contract terms, or any portion therein, can be removed by Rhodus Watches, without warning at any moment, for any cause whatsoever. The protections referring to copyright, brand name, statement, restriction of liability, compensation, and miscellaneous will withstand any cancellation & will never be influenced by the validity and legality of the existing laws.

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